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Once upon a time, a much younger me told a classroom full or ornery teens that if they cared to pay attention and trust me, there were important things they could learn. I still feel that way, but my audience has grown older.

I’ve spent over three decades teaching teens about history and government. There are a few things I’ve learned along the way. Buckle up and it’s quite possible that you may learn something as well.

Oh, there will also be stories… lots of stories.

Here’s my “why”. 

There are only two things I ever seriously wanted to do with my life; teach and write fiction.

I had to fight like hell to get through school and become a teacher. Now, I start my journey to become a writer.

I’ve been at war with my labels for as long as I can remember; “Special Ed”, “Learning Disabled”, “Hyperactive”, “ADHD”, “Major Depressive Disorder”, “Bipolar”, and “Dyscalculia.”

It’s a long list, but I’ve put most of them behind me. Having spent a lifetime talking and listening to students, I am now ready to write and let my words speak for me.  

Here’s my “What”. 

Non-Fiction: I write about mental health, ADHD, neurodiversity, teaching, politics, marriage, and fatherhood.

Fiction: I write speculative fiction, which in my case includes science fiction short stories and epic fantasy novels. I love post-apocalyptic world building.  

One of my intentions is to be an outspoken advocate, not only for adults with ADHD but all of those blessed with neurodiversity. However, in the spirit of one powered by ADHD, I’m sure I will write about every shiny object I find.


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